County Administration

Contact Information
Crook County Courthouse
300 NE 3rd St, Rm. 10
Prineville, OR 97754
Office Hours
(541) 447-6555
(541) 416-3891




The Crook County Court consists of three elected officials - the county judge and two county commissioners.  The judge functions as the day-to-day administrator of the county as well as the chair of the County Court.  The commissioners are part-time and acting as the Court set policy for the county and represent the County in various forums.

The County Court has no judicial authority.  For information about Crook County Circuit Courts, call (541) 447-6541.  Although authorized by statute to preside over probate court and juvenile court, the last county judge to actually perform that function was Judge Dick Hoppes. There are 9 counties in Oregon which use the County Court structure.

The Court oversees personnel administration for approximately 200 employees within the county and supervises the operation of 23 separate departments.  Some departments are headed by elected rather than appointed officials.  Those departments include the offices of assessor, clerk, district attorney, sheriff, surveyor and treasurer.  Departments headed by elected officials are responsible for setting and administering policy for their respective departments and do not answer to the court for the performance of their duties.  They do require the consent of the Court in seeking hiring authorization and budget appropriations.

In addition to its legislative responsibilities, the Court's other primary function is to oversee the budget of Crook County. The Court administers approximately $11 million in general fund dollars as well as a $30 million road fund $2.5 million in grant funds and $4 million in other funds.