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Early Detection... Crooked River Weed Management Area

Early Detection is the most effective approach to invasive species control.  Prevention can be as simple as keeping equipment, boats and even boots clean and not transporting invasive species to new areas.  Early detection is key to preventing establishment of these invasive species.  This is because large areas of invasive species are difficult to control or remove.  Fortunately, many potentially harmful species have not yet arrived to Oregon or still have a low enough abundance to be contained or eradicated.

Finding and controlling invasive species while populations are still small will require dedicating resources toward surveying areas for species that are likely to invade, or to high priority areas which currently are free of invasive species. The US Government’s Office of Technology & Assessment produced a report in 1993 (Harmful Non-Indigenous Species in the US) that examined numerous case studies and found that, on average, every dollar spent on early intervention (early detection and rapid response) prevented 17 dollars in future expenses.  Volunteers around the state involved in Early Detection Rapid Response will play a vital role in stopping invasive species establishment.

Early Detection is as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1: Learn ‘em.   Familiarize yourself with the invasive species that are threatening to invade your area.  In Crook County we are concerned about new invaders establishing (see the Most Wanted list at the beginning of this guide). You also may be concerned about new weeds along public roadways, a pristine place you like to visit, or in your own backyard!
2: Look for ‘em. Look out for the Most Wanted species while at your area of concern.   Early Detection Patrol volunteers can be assigned a specific area to survey for new invaders, or they may just keep an eye out while conducting other work.
3: Document and report ‘em.   Documentation is as easy as taking a photograph and marking the location on a map.  We ask our volunteers to fill out a report form and return it to the Crooked River Weed Management Area.  If you find an invader that has been identified as a concern in another area then take a picture and report to the Oregon Invasive Species Council at or call 1-866 INVADER.

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