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Scotch Thistle ... Crooked River Weed Management Area

Scotch Thistle (ONAC) is an "A" listed weed in Crook and Deschutes counties.  The possibility of an infestation to the extent observed in neighboring counties is a concern to landowners, natural resource managers, and other stakeholders in the region. The Crooked River Weed Management Area (CRWMA) will survey and assist landowners in the treatment of ONAC in the Crooked River Watershed. CRWMA will contact landowners through multiple outreach initiatives.  Infestations will be located and surveyed through informed observations and in partnership with other entities working in the target lands.  The project will reveal the composition of the scotch thistle infestation in the Crooked River Watershed, allowing for a strategic and engaged treatment initiative.

CRWMA will provide technical assistance to landowners in the form of treatment maps, chemical mix rates and methods, and treatment timing.  Herbicide will also be provided to participating landowners that meet treatment criteria. Conditions in high priority infestations will be monitored during the project to ensure treatment is occurring.  The successful outcome of this program would include creating a culture of recognizing and treating scotch thistle in the project area.

Scotch thistle cost-share is available in 2017 for assistance with herbicide. Please call or stop by the office.

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