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Central Oregon

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Cost share Program ... Crooked River Weed Management Area

The Crooked River Weed Management Area provides cost-share assistance to private landowners to help control "A" and some "B" listed noxious weeds in the Crooked River Watershed. The CRWMA will fund the cost of the herbicide or bio-control agent; the landowner is responsible for the costs associated with application of herbicide.

Landowner completes application and return to CRWMA by May 5, 2017.
  • Please include pictures and map with application. CRWMA can assist landowners with map if needed.

  • CRWMA board will review applications by May 15, 2017. Approval of the application is required prior to herbicide treatment and/or release of bio control agents. Applicants will be notified of results. No receipts dated before approval will be accepted. NOTE: Some areas or situations may require a site visit.

  • CRWMA will work with approved applicants to acquire appropriate product, establish before and after photo monitoring, and GPS points/mapping requirements.

  • Landowner is responsible for the proper application of herbicide. Carefully read and follow the herbicide label. Remember to use correct spraying practices to ensure safety to you and the environment. If using biological control agents release in the manner prescribed by the supplier.

  • Landowner agrees to give CRWMA access to survey and monitor treatment sites.

  • Satellite occurrence means small isolated infestations. Those larger infestation sites will be given least priority.

  • A list of Commercial Applicators is available for interested landowners.

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