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Everyone who uses the public computers, laptops, and WiFi must adhere to our Technology Use Policy. Violation of this policy may result in loss of access to library technology services.

Computer Stations

We have 6 desktop computer stations in the main library area and 4 desktop computer stations in the Children's Room. You must have a valid Crook, Deschutes, or Jefferson County Library card in order to use the computers. Children under 17 must have Internet access privileges enabled by a parent or legal guardian in order to login to a computer.

Internet sessions are 1 hour, with the option to extend your time if no one else is waiting for a computer. You may not allow anyone else to use your library card to access the public computers.

Guest passes may be issued to individuals with government-issued photo ID visiting Crook County. Guest passes issued by Deschutes or Jefferson libraries will not work at Crook County Library. Individuals staying in the area for more than a few weeks will need to purchase a non-resident card in order to access library computers.


We have 7 laptop computers available for checkout. You must have a Crook County Library card, a signed laptop release form on file, and a government-issued photo ID in hand to check out a laptop. Your photo ID will be held by library staff until the laptop is returned.

You may check out a laptop once per day for up to 3 hours. If you fail to return the laptop by the specified checkin time, you will be charged $5.00 per hour for each hour that the laptop is overdue.

Children's Game Computers

We have 2 AWE Early Literacy Stations available in the children's room. Each computer is pre-loaded with over 60 bilingual educational games for children age 2-8. No library card is required to access these computers.


Free WiFi is available throughout the library during our hours of operation. No library card or password is required to access the WiFi, although all WiFi users must agree to the terms of use as outlined in the Technology Use Policy.
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