Book Suggestions - Adult Books


Heroes (July 2015)
Some of our favorite books about this year's Summer Reading theme: heroes!

Booky Books & Filmy Films (September 2015)
Some of our favorite books and movies with the word "book" or "film" in the title.

Books That Made Us (Literally) LOL (October 2015)
Some of our favorite funny books.

Making Things (November 2015)
Some of our favorite craft, gardening, and a few other fun things!

Winter & Holiday (December 2015)
Some of our favorite winter and holiday books.

Staff Picks (January 2016)

Personalized picks from our well-read staff.

Red Hot Reads (February 2016)
Books and movies with red covers or "red" titles. Are you feeling the burn?

That's Entertainment! (March 2016)
There's no business like show business... but there are a lot of good books that come close to capturing the magic of the performing arts.

Iconic Style (April 2016)

From fashionistas to design gurus to people who just happened to be wearing the right clothes at the right time.

Exercise Your Mind - Read! (June 2016)
Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport... the thrill of victory... and the agony of defeat... the human drama of athletic competition... This is Crook County Library's Wide World of Books!

Ultimate Staycation (July 2016)
Travel around the world without leaving your armchair!

We're a Happy Family (August 2016)
Whether your family resembles the Bradys, the Munsters, the Bates or the Simpsons, you'll see a little bit of your kinfolk in these titles.

Read Local (September 2016)
It's like our state song says: "Land of the empire builders, land of the Golden West / Conquered and held by circus freaks, street kids, post-apocalyptic mailmen, banditos, friendly bears, morally ambiguous pioneers and angry ghosts / Fairest and the best..." Meet some of the characters that call Oregon home.


Fantasy (January 2015)
Some of our favorite fantasy stories from the January book display.

Romance (February 2015)

Some of our favorite romances from the February book display.

Christian Fiction (March 2015)
Some of our favorite Christian fiction books from the March book display.

Historical Fiction (April 2015)
Some of our favorite historical fiction books from the April book display.

Suspense (May 2015)

Some of our favorite suspense books from the May book display.

Westerns (June 2015)
Some of our favorite westerns from the June book display.

Science Fiction (August 2015)
Some of our favorite Science Fiction books from the August book display.
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