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Library Policies

Library policies are formally adopted by the Library Board of Trustees and are on a 2-year revision cycle. If you have any questions about library policies, please contact Buzzy Nielsen, Library Director at 541-447-7978 ext 314.

Board of Trustees Bylaws (last updated 5/17/17)
Code of Conduct
Collection Development Policy
Exhibits Policy
Gifts & Donations Policy
Information Distribution Policy
Library Card Policy
Meeting Room Policy
Privacy Policy
Programming and Outreach Policy
Suspected Child Abuse Reporting Policy
Technology Use Policy
Use Restrictions Policy
Volunteer Policy

Library Procedures

Library procedures are adopted by Crook County Library staff and may also be observed by the Library's regional service partners (Deschutes Public Library, Jefferson County Library District, or Libraries of Eastern Oregon) or by Crook County as a whole. Procedures do not require a formal adoption by the Library Board of Trustees.

Circulation Information
Program & Prize Eligibility

Planning Documents

Strategic Plan 2014-2017
Technology Plan 2014-2017

American Library Association Guidelines and Standards

The right to access materials of varying viewpoints is an important part of the intellectual freedom basic to democracy. The principles of intellectual freedom are guaranteed in the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and Article I of the Oregon Constitution. In keeping with those principles, the library favors no viewpoint and endorses the following American Library Association statements:

ALA Code of Ethics
Free Access to Libraries for Minors
Freedom to Read
Freedom to View
Libraries: An American Value
Library Bill of Rights

Reference Service Guidelines

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