Victims Assistance - Volunteer Opportunities

                   What is the  Victim Assistance Program?

The Victim Assistance Program is part of  the District Attorney's Office. The purpose of the Victims' Assistance Program is to help diminish the devastating impact crime has on our community and assist victims of crime to make educated decisions.

What services does the Victim Assistance Program Offer?

The Victim Assistance Program offers a wide variety of services to crime victims with an emphasis on the following: 

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Attending court proceedings with the victim
  • Assistance filing Restraining Orders and Stalking Orders
  • Assess Restitution (financial damages as a result of crime) 
  • Mediate between victims and the legal system

What type of training does the Victims Assistance Program Offer?

Victims Assistance Program staff will be trained in a variety of issues depending on where their specific interest lies. All program staff will have basic training in the structure of the legal system from start to finish (as it pertains to victims), the Crime Victims Bill of Rights, crisis intervention techniques, domestic violence advocacy, and the Crime Victims Compensation Program.

What opportunities does the Victim Assistance Program currently have?

The Victim Assistance Program has openings for volunteers victim advocates to work in lots of different capacities.

For those who may be interested in working with victims of domestic violence some of the services you may provide are: crisis intervention, assistance filing restraining orders or stalking orders, safety planning with a victim, working in collaboration with Saving Grace to help get the victim into shelter, accompanying a victim to court, and various types of follow-up contact.

For those who may be interested in working with victims of all other types of crimes, such as: physical assault, and property crime some of the services that you may provide are: crisis intervention, attending court with the victim, establishing restitution figures, assisting the victim get their property back, and various types of follow up contact.

There is also a need for advocates who may be interested in performing: follow-up court duties for cases that are already open. This would include: calling victims to see how they are doing, answer any questions regarding their case, provide them with new information about their case status, and being available to help them with issues that may come up when navigating through the criminal justice system.

The program also is in need for volunteers to be a part of the Crisis Intervention Team. This team consists of advocates who are available to respond on the scene to provide victims with emergency services (such as: creating a safety plan, assistance finding the victim a temporary safe place to stay, assistance paying for emergency gas or food). Members of the team will be required to work an "on-call" shift on a monthly basis.

Who could consider becoming a part of the Victims' Assistance Program?

Anyone with a good listening ear, who to desire to help other members of our community deal with the impact crime has upon them should consider this this opportunity. It is also a great opportunity for anyone who would like to learn more about the criminal just system.

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