Landfill - Recycling

What is happening to the recycling market?

Automotive & Alkaline Batteries Whole batteries only. No Cracked or leaking batteries.
Corrugated Cardboard Remove packing materials and flatten. No wax coated boxes.
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Newspaper & Magazines In paper sacks or bundled. No junk mail. Place in newspaper trailer.
Glass Bottles and Jars Clean. Remove labels and lids. Can mix colored and clear glass. No ceramics, pyrex, light bulbs, mirrors, or window glass.
Plastic No longer accepting as of October 16, 2017.
Aluminum & Tin Cans Clean and remove labels. No paint or aerosol cans.
Used Motor Oil In a non-breakable container with a tight fitting lid. No antifreeze or solvents.
Antifreeze In a non-breakable container with a tight fitting lid. No solvents. Commercial accounts are charged 50 cents per gallon.
Paint Click for information
Dry Wall No longer accepting for recycle as of September 14th.  Regular weight fees apply.
Wood Waste Clean dimensional lumber. No paint, stained, or upholstered wood. No railroad ties or pressure treated wood. No metal besides nails and screws. $25 per ton.
Yard Debris Small trees, brush, and limbs. No sod or other debris. Regular dump fees apply.
Please note that grass clippings, leaves, and other small yard debris material is too small for our grinder and will be placed into Cell 3.
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