Juvenile Department- Services & Programs

  • Probation supervision 
  • Counseling and 24 crisis intervention
  • Peer Court
  • Formal accountability agreements
  • Assistance in child abuse investigations
  • Court preparation and presentation
  • Drug and Alcohol Educational Class and Assessment
  • Community Service supervision
  • Co-Case management with Oregon Youth Authority
  • Youth Investment Services
  • Facilitation and coordination of the Community Resource Team and the Youth Services Team in cooperation with other Social Service Agencies to develop a case plan for a youth.

The Juvenile Department receives referrals from law enforcement, schools, parents, and the juveniles themselves.  We work with families and youths on a scheduled or “walk in basis”.  Information and assistance is given in regard to alcohol and drug issues, which can include education in the signs and effects of substance abuse, a urinalysis to detect use and a referral to treatment providers; emancipation information; family mediation; and services to reduce truancy.  We also participate in classroom discussions at the high school about the juvenile justice system as well as community events and organizations to provide information on juvenile justice.

 The Crook County Juvenile Department participates in an intergovernmental agreement with 16 other counties in Oregon to pool resources to serve at risk youth.  Participation in this consortium, which is called Central and Eastern Oregon Juvenile Justice Consortium (CEOJJC), has benefited the county and community by the development of a partnership with Oregon Youth Authority and the other counties, allowing and affording the access and development of regional treatment resources.  These relationships have also helped identify areas of mutual interest and roles, and have established better ways to plan for youth and coordinate our limited regional resources.

 Children and youth are our most important resources.  We, as the staff of the Crook County Juvenile Department, are committed to offering each one of them the opportunity and the tools to become successful.  Remember, we don’t just work here…we’re here to make a difference.

In a workshop series called Staying Connected with Your Family™ being offered in Crook County, parents of teenagers will learn how to improve communication, reduce the risk of problem behaviors and build strong family bonds.  The five-week program is being provided the Crook County Juvenile Dept. at 305 NE 3rd St.  Please call for dates and times. Individual daytime classes can be arranged by request.

Staying Connected with Your Teen is an interactive program for all parents of teenage children. In a lively and open atmosphere, parents will learn specific strategies that will help teens become more involved in the family and less likely to engage in problem behaviors such as substance abuse, delinquency and violence.  The workshops use an interactive, skills-based format that provides plenty of opportunities for parents to learn from each other.

Call now, this class is open for enrollment!

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