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The transition from childhood to adulthood--is one of the most dynamic stages of human development. It is a time of marked physical, emotional, and intellectual changes, as well as changes in social roles, relationships and expectations. We offer education for teens and reproductive health services.

My Future - My Choice is based on the belief that young teens should postpone sexual involvement. Teen Leaders, together with a classroom facilitator, present 10 classroom lessons to middle school students. Teen Leaders are recruited from local high schools, and are extensively trained by Deschutes County Health Services and Department of Human Services staff.

The interactive lessons focus on three main objectives:
- Inform young teens about social and peer pressures to become sexually involved
- Provide information about the consequences of early sexual involvement
- Model skills which will help young teens say “NO” to sexual involvement

We offer a confidential safe and friendly place for teens to get the help they need. What’s offered for teens?

- Pregnancy Prevention Education
- Prevention Methods Available
        - Birth Control
        - Condoms
        - Plan B
- Testing for STD’s and HIV
- Free Pregnancy Testing for Teens

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