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Early prenatal care is important for you and your baby because it:

- Helps identify and take care of health problems before they become serious.
- Helps make sure you baby is growing well
- Allows you the opportunity to ask questions and learn about your pregnancy
- Helps you learn ways to fell better while you are pregnant


If you or your children need health insurance the Oregon Mother's Care Program, accessed through the Crook County Health Department, may be able to help.

No woman should go through pregnancy without the support and care she needs. We’ve connected the services in our community for easy access.

Oregon Mothers Care connects women to the services they need, including:

- Free Pregnancy testing
- Oregon Health Plan application assistance
- Prenatal care
- WIC Services
- Help making medical and dental appointments

We also provide application assistance for the Healthy Kids Program - a low or no cost private insurance plan for children who do not qualify for the Oregon Health Plan.

Call the Oregon Mothers Care Site Coordinator at 541-447-5165 for an appointment. 

Oregon Mother's Care - State of Oregon
Having a Healthy Pregnancy!
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