parent Child Health - Home Visiting Programs

The goal of our Home Visiting Programs is to improve the health of women, children and their families. We help our clients get health insurance, establish a medical home and connect with other community resources, including WIC, counseling, legal and other support services. Our client education services focus on promoting healthy lifestyle choices and nurturing parenting skills.  Public Health Nurses provide visits for Maternity Case Management, Babies First, and CaCoon, while trained Healthy Families Home Visitors (paraprofessionals) provide visits for the Healthy Families Program.

Referrals for home visits are accepted from schools, health care providers and other community agencies. Self-referrals are also accepted.

- Home visiting services are most effective when there is a "warm handoff" from the referring party. Please discuss with your client the benefits of home visiting and that you are making the referral.

- Complete the CCHD Referral Form.

- To help us place your client into the most appropriate program, please provide as much of the requested information as you have available.

- Fax the referral to (541) 447-3093

- Contact us at (541) 447-5165 if you have any questions or special concerns about your client.

Our public health nurses and Healthy Families staff provide safe and healthy environments for our clients.  The four programs are:

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