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The Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) Program is an evidence-based model program that was developed by Dr. David Olds in Elmira, New York in 1977 to help young women take better care of themselves and their babies. NFP uses specially trained public health nurses (PHNs) who begin follow-up of high-risk, low income pregnant youth/women who are pregnant for the first time and who are living in poverty. All services are free, voluntary and families are followed and supported using an intensive home visiting schedule until the first-born child reaches the age of 2 years old.

-High risk pregnancy (e.g., teen pregnancy, living in poverty, first-time pregnant)
-Barriers to receiving adequate prenatal care.
-Barriers including inappropriate social functioning and parental behaviors.

-Improve Pregnancy Outcomes
-Improve Child Health and Development
-Improve Mother’s Life Course.

-Prevent child abuse and neglect.
-Reduce premature births and low birth weight births.
-Reduce substance abuse, alcohol use and cigarettes smoking during pregnancy.
-Improve breast-feeding rates.
-Reduce the number of children's health care-encounters for injuries and ingestion of poisons from birth through child's second birthday.
-Increase in the number of labor force participation by the mothers by the first child's fourth birthday.
-Improve graduation rates and/or increase employment of the mothers served.
-Reduce subsequent pregnancies among low-income, unmarried women by first child's fourth birthday.

Home visits by nurses:

-Weekly during the first month following enrollment;
-Biweekly for the remainder of the pregnancy;
-Weekly nurses during the first six weeks after delivery;
-Biweekly thereafter through the 21st month of childhood; and
-Monthly until the child reaches age two.

Also provide:

-As needed home visits by a specially-trained mental health practitioner; and
-Periodic distribution of support materials to families (e.g., cribs, safety gates, emergency preparedness kits, etc.)

First time pregnant young mothers who are less than 24 weeks pregnant and living in poverty.

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