Public Health Preparedness - Flood


- Have an emergency evacuation and communications plan for your family.
- Keep battery powered radios handy with fresh batteries.
- Prepare a list of emergency phone numbers to keep in your car, at work or at a friend’s house.
- Assemble the supplies you'll need for cleanup and recovery. Keep them in a safe, dry place.
- Make a record of all your personal property. Take a room-by-room inventory of your home. Take photographs or videotapes. Inventory forms are available free from most insurance companies or you can make your own. The inventory is also good to have in the event of a fire or theft.
- Identify two places where family members can meet if you are split up - one place in the neighborhood and one place that it is sure to be high and dry.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) How to Prepare for a Flood
Flood Preparation Information - Centers for Disease Control

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