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Tobacco Prevention and Education Program
In 1996 Oregonians passed Ballot Measure 44, raising the cigarette tax and appropriating 3 cents of this tax to establish a statewide tobacco prevention and education program. Oregon Health Authority oversees this program which provides funding to all county health departments and contracts with the Oregon Tobacco Quitline to provide cessation services to Oregonians. Tobacco continues to be the leading preventable cause of death in Oregon, and is attributable to over 30% of the deaths in Crook County annually.

Did you know?
Thanks to the Crook County Library Board of Directors and Crook County Court, as of 1/7/2016 ALL library property is tobacco and vape free.  Stop by for a book and enjoy the fresh air!

As of January 1, 2016. the Oregon Indoor Clean Air Act includes e-cigarettes.  Click here for more information!

Real cost of Tobacco

In May of 2016, the FDA has launched two campaigns aimed to reduce youth tobacco use.

Creating a “next chapter” in its The Real Cost campaign, the FDA is focusing on smokeless tobacco users. You can learn more here ( and see a map of the target markets. Medford, OR is included in the target markets.

On May 9th, FDA launched the This Free Life campaign for LGBT youth. You can learn more here ( and note that Portland is a test market for the campaign (Seattle is a control – just sayin’). 


- Monitor tobacco use and prevention policies
- Eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke
- Prevent youth from initiating tobacco use
- Help tobacco users quit
- Educate community about the dangers of tobacco
- Enforce the Oregon Indoor Clean Air Act

Interested in how we're doing?  Click here.

The Crook County Health Department would like to recognize these local businesses and public places for adopting tobacco free campus policy:
Advantage Dental
Crook County Parks and Recreation
Crook County School District
Mosaic Medical
St. Charles Health Systems, Prineville
Crook County Library
Lutheran Community Services NW
State of Oregon

Congratulations to the Powell Butte Country Store for being recognized by the Crook County Empowered Coalition for not accepting tobacco industry advertising incentives.  Check them out on youtube.

Oregon Indoor Clean Air Act
Oregon Tobacco Quit Line
Smoke Free Oregon

Online Quit Resources
Ex: Re-learn to Live Without Cigarettes
You Can Quit Smoking Now
Complete Guide to Quitting
Freedom from Smoking

Advocacy Organizations
American Cancer Society
American Heart Association
American Lung Association
Americans for NonSmokers Rights
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