Licensed Facilities - Food Services

RESTAURANTS:  (OAR 333 Division 150).

Application and information packets can be obtained by mail or picked up at the EH office. 
  1. Individuals wishing to open a restaurant must submit: a. design review packet (obtained from Environmental Health-EH); b. a detailed building/equipment layout plan; c. the proposed menu; d. other information required by the packet; and e. the required plan fee.
  2. Along with the design review from EH, the applicant will need to check with the City/County planner and City/County building department to obtain all necessary applications and permits.  If alcohol is going to be served, you will need to check with the City planner and OLCC in Bend at 388-6292.  OLCC licenses are not transferable.  If the restaurant is in the City limits, you will need to check with the sewer/water department to see if a grease interceptor will be required.  If the restaurant is in the County the applications for on-site septic system approval, will need to go through the department of Environmental Quality, Bend, OR, (541) 388-6146.  County approval of the design review packet is not an approval from the other departments.
  3. After the design review, all the other departments have given approval and the proper permits obtained by the applicant, the restaurant will receive a pre-opening inspection.  This inspection will be to look at the equipment installation and operation.  If the facility has been constructed according to the plans, a food facility license will be issued.  Within 4 weeks after opening you will receive a food sanitation inspection.  Note that licenses are non-transferable at change of ownership. 
  4. If you are purchasing a previously licensed restaurant you will need to obtain a new food facility license, as the existing license is non-transferable to the new owner.  Also, check with the City planner if it is in the City limits.
  5. If you are planning to operate just as a caterer not from a licensed restaurant, you will need to provide plans for design review as a commissary.  The facility will be constructed per OAR 333 Division 162.  This will require a design review and pre-opening inspection.


  1. Must receive approval from the appropriate planning department to operate a business.
  2. Must be licensed as a B&B if it has more than two (2) rooms for rent and may only serve a breakfast meal.
  3. Must be licensed as a restaurant.  More than 9 rooms will require commercial grade kitchen facilities.  A facility serving other than breakfast will be classed as a motel/hotel/lodge with a restaurant.

MOBILE FOOD UNITS:  ( OAR 333 Division 162). 

  1. All new mobile food units must have a pre-construction design review conducted by EH. If the mobile unit is going to have an operator in the unit, be at one location more than 30 days and not motorized, it will also need a prefabricated structure design review by the State Building Codes Division ((503) 378-3080). EH will determine the classification of the mobile unit based on the detailed menu submitted with the mobile unit application.
  2. If the unit has not been licensed for 1 year, it will need to be upgraded to meet all new licensing requirements.
  3. Out of County licensed mobile units will pay a $25.00 temporary license fee before operating in Crook County.  This fee covers the cost of the sanitation inspection.  Applications can be obtained from EH.
  4. A Mobile Food License does not allow you to operate at any location.  Contact City/County planners to determine if you will need prior site plan approvals due to the location.  You may also need the department of transportation’s approval if you are siting the unit on a State road. 

TEMPORARY FOOD CONCESSIONS: ( ORS 624 and OAR 333 Division 159).

  1. Individuals or groups holding an event open to the public where food is prepared and served need a temporary food license.  This is based on statutory requirements and applies to both profit and non-profit organizations.  Non-profit benevolent organizations with an IRS number (must show at time of application) do not have to pay for the first 13 events in any calendar year.
  2. Types of events are fairs, carnivals, and public gatherings, organized sports events, parking lot food booths and church bazaars.
  3. Temporary Restaurant Operation Guidelines and operating permits may be obtained from the EH office.  At least one person in the booth must have a valid Oregon Food Handlers’ Card issued from any county in the state. 

BARS AND LOUNGES: ( OAR 333 Division 150). 

Since bars and lounges have ice and some snacks, they are required to be licensed as a food service facility.  The type of license will depend on the types of foods served and the facilities present to prepare them.

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