Environmental Health - Drinking Water Program

Water Systems with 4 or more homes connected to the well or system  are classed as public water systems.  Public water systems up to 14 connections are State regulated public water systems.  Systems  with 15 or more connections are EPA  regulated with the State doing the oversight and compliance.

This office is the point of contact in Crook County to work with the water system and the State to correct  any deficiencies and provide assistance to any public water system that requests it.

Presently there are 55 different categories of public water systems registered in the County.

The  web sites listed below will provide you with the chemical, biological, sampling and violation data/history  for any public water system in Oregon.  A PWS identification number is required and is provided for public use for the systems in Crook County.

Important Websites

List of Crook County Public Water System ID numbers 
State Drinking Water Program Information and EPA Hotline
Well Logs
NGWA Well Financing Video
Lead in Water

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