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Public Computer Research Terminal

  • Crook County law library is pleased to offer a legal research computer terminal for public usage. Utilization of this computer allows a legal researcher to have online resources at their fingertips to complement access to our print resource collection. 
  • This computer offers access to the Crook County law library website and many other legal research websites. Word processing is also available. 
  • Access is limited to legal research, and one hour sessions.
  • Prior to utilizing the law library computer, members of the public must report to Crook County Administration, 300 NE 3rd Street, Room 10. Sign-in and picture identification will be required to receive log-in instructions.

Conference Room Reservation

  • Conference room may be reserved by members of the Oregon State Bar or a political subdivision of the State of Oregon.
  • Due to limited availability, this service is not extended to members of the general public.

Printing & Photocopies

  • Printing of legal research and related documents is available. Printing paper must be requested upon sign-in in order to print from the public computer research terminal.
  • The law library printer has a flatbed scanner capable of making photocopies. However, if you are in need of photocopying over five (5) pages, please bring the documents to Crook County Administration for more efficient processing.
  • The fee for computer prints and photocopies are $.25/page. Payment is by cash or check only. Please make checks payable to "Crook County".

Oregon Notary Public

  • Document notarization is available at the county administration office of the Crook Count courthouse. Please call ahead to verify that the Notary Public is available.
  • 300 NE 3rd Street, Room 10, Prineville, OR 97754  (541) 447-6555.


The Crook County law library does not have fill-in-the-blank legal forms. Additionally, all Crook County employees are prohibited from giving legal advice, which includes assisting with research or interpreting the law for the public. If you require legal advice or interpretation, please talk to an attorney.

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