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Crook County Building

Applicable Regulations

Residential: 2017 Oregon Residential Specialty Code
Commercial: 2017 Oregon Residential Specialty Code (IBC)
Mechanical: 2014 Oregon International Mechanical Code
Plumbing: 2017 Oregon Plumbing Code
Electrical: 2017 National Electric Code
Ground Snow Load: 36 psf
Roof Snow Load: 25 psf (below 4100 ft elevation) 50 psf (above 4100 ft elevation)
Wind Load: 110 mph
Exposure: C
Seismic: C
Frost Level: 18"
Waste AND Vent Air Test: (See OPSC 712.3) Minimum 5 lbs.
Waste Line Test: (See OPSC 609.4) Minimum 50 lbs.
Water Service: (same as line test) 12" clean fill and 30" deep
Blue Tracer Wire: If trench does not have rocks, pipe can be laid in bottom of trench and clean fill placed over.


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Inspection Requests: Phone: 541-416-8399
Note: All next day inspection requests must be received by our office before midnight the day prior.

Call before you DIG: 800-332-2344

Well log info, Water Master: 541-306-6885

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Manufactured Dwelling and Park Specialty Code Book – 2010 Edition available for purchase in the Building office - $40.00.

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