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Our office has a public terminal available for customers to research records free of charge, if printing copies, a fee of $.40 per page is charged.

Records requests may also be made in person, by email, phone or mail.  Payment for searches and document copies is due at the time of the search per Oregon Revised Statutes.  Request form located at the bottom of the page.

Records can be searched by the name on the document, recording number or date recorded.

$3.75 per search (per name or per document number)
$.40 per page
If the scope of the search requested is too large you will be asked to contact a title company or make other arrangements to have the search performed.  Please note:  Any search that takes longer than 15 minutes will be assessed a $25 per hour staff time.

Certification (for certified copies):
$3.75 per document copy plus search/location fee and copy fees.

Ordering Copies by Mail

For your convenience, you can order certain Crook County records by mail.
Our mailing address is:
Crook County Clerk’s Office
300 NE Third Street, Room 23
Prineville, OR 97754 
Copies must be prepaid before copies can be mailed. You will need the document recording number or book and page number to order copies.  If you do not know this number we can look it up for you, you will need to provide the names of the parties to the document. See above for the search and copy fees.   Or you may wish to contact a title company for help.  Please provide a stamped self-addressed return envelope with your written request and payment for the return of the copies you have requested.  
Request form located at the bottom of the page.

Note: All applicable fees must be paid in advance (ORS 250.320). Please keep this in mind before ordering copies via email.

Certified Copies of Marriage Records:  $7.75 per certified copy, please provide parties names and year married

Public Records Request Form
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