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The County Clerk is the chief election official of the County. The Clerk's Office plans, coordinates and conducts all elections in Crook County.  The County Clerk ensures that citizens’ concerns are met, federal and state requirements are fulfilled and that elections are conducted according to statue and other related requirements.

​Register to VOTE

You can register to vote if you are:
  • A United States citizen
  • A resident of Oregon
  • At least 16 years old. You will not receive a ballot and therefore cannot vote until you are 18, but Oregon Revised Statutes allows those that are 16 and 17 to register.

Register to vote in one of the following ways:
1. Online [offsite link, opens in new window] at the Secretary of State Elections Division.
2. Voter Registration Card [PDF, opens in new window]
Mailed or delivered in person to any Oregon Elections Office or Department of Motor Vehicles
Update Your Voter Registration
You can update your voter registration in one of the following ways:
1. Online [offsite link, opens in new window] at the Secretary of State Elections Division.
2. Voter Registration Card [PDF, opens in new window]:
    Please mail or deliver in person to any Oregon Elections Office

Check Your Voter Registration & Ballot Status
At the Crook County Clerk's Office by phone, email or in person.
Online at the Secretary of State Elections [offsite link, opens in new window]. 

Cancel Your Voter Registration
Voters who are moving out of Oregon or who wish to cancel their voter registration for any other reason can do so by filling out the Voter Cancellation Form [PDF, opens in new window] and delivering it to the Crook County Clerk's Office in person or by mail.
Cancelling your voter registration will not keep you from being chosen to serve on a jury. Jury lists are also obtained from Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles.



Countywide Offices

Anyone interested in filing for Crook County Judge, Commissioner 1 or 2, Sheriff, Clerk, Treasurer, Assessor, or Surveyor would do so at the Crook County Clerk's Office located in room 23 of the Crook County Courthouse, 300 NE Third Street in Prineville.

Those interested in filing as a candidate for Crook County District Attorney or any of the Circuit Court judicial offices would go to the Secretary of State's office located across the street from the State Capitol in Salem.

City Council

The filing office for City Candidates is the City of Prineville, phone 541-447-5627.

They can help you learn more about the duties and responsibilities of serving on City Council or as Mayor, and tell you what positions will appear on the next election ballot. 

City Candidates will file the necessary paperwork with the City of Prineville.

If you have an  questions concerning the election process, please feel free to contact the Crook County Clerk’s Office.

Precinct Committeeperson 

It is recommended that you contact your local party organization before filing.

In order to qualify as a Precinct Committeeperson candidate, you must:

Be a member of the major political party you wish to represent for at least 180 days before the deadline for filing a certificate of candidacy;
  Be 18 years of age by date of the Primary Election;
Live in the precinct you wish to represent, or an adjoining precinct;
Write-in candidate must have been a member of the party at least 180 days before the date of the election.

There is no fee for filing as a Precinct Committeeperson.

The form SEL 105 Precinct Committeeperson Candidate Filing is a fillable pdf file and can be viewed or completed using Adobe Acrobat© Reader, which may be downloaded for free if you do not already have it. You may complete the form on your computer by tabbing through the fields and typing the appropriate information. After completing the form, print it and sign it, before submitting it to the Clerk’s Office either in person or by mail. An original signature is required.

Special Districts
  Special District Board Election Information and Forms 
  Explanation of District Services
  Special District - Frequently Asked Questions

Election Manuals and Filing Forms

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