Elections - Election FAQs

Can I register to vote online?

You may register to vote online. 
Visit the Oregon Secretary of State - Elections Division or the link on the Crook County Clerk home page

When do I need to update my registration?

When your residence and/or mailing address changes 
When your signature changes
When you would like to change your party affiliation
When your name changes

When may I register to vote?

You may register at any time.
However, your voter registration card must be postmarked by the 21st day before the election at which you intend to vote.

Do I have to re-register for each election?

No. You need to update your registration only when:
Your residence or mailing address changes;
Your name or signature changes; or
You wish to change your party affiliation.

Do I have to register with a political party?

No. If you do not want to be affiliated with a political party, you may check the box that states "Not a member of a party."
Please note, you may not designate or change a party affiliation after the 21st day before the primary election.

How do I know if I am properly registered to vote?

You may check your registration status on the Secretary of State's website (Click HERE)

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