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The County Clerk is an elected official serving a four-year term of office. The Clerk has dual statutory responsibilities; acting as an administrative subdivision of state government and performing the same role for the County Court. Cheryl Seely is the incumbent County Clerk.

The County Clerk's office is the primary public record keeping agency in the county. For example the office records property transactions, marriage records and Military discharges along with issuing marriage licenses (dog licenses now issued by Sheriff's office). The Clerk also serves on the Board of Property Tax Appeals and maintains the proceedings of the County Court meetings for public record.

The County Clerk is the county election official charged with registering voters, maintaining up-to-date voting lists, accepting declarations of candidacy for public office, and coordinating the conduct of elections at the county level. As a part of the election duties, the County Clerk also acts as executor of the dictates of the County Court, which provides voting equipment, has authority to call emergency elections and designates taxing districts.

Auxiliary duties include Passport Acceptance Agent, Notary services, and property, historical and genealogy research.

Crook County Clerks 1882 - Present

  • Cheryl Seely, Incumbent
  • Deanna (Dee) Berman
  • Della Harrison
  • Bebe Schindler
  • Grace Bannon
  • Hazel A. Powell
  • Nora F. Stearns
  • Asa W. Battles
  • Warren Brown
  • J. J. Smith
  • Arthur Hodges
  • Z. M. Brown
  • A. C. Palmer
  • S. T. Richardson

Major Duties
  • Elections
  • Marriage Licenses/Partnerships
  • Notary Services
  • Passports
  • Property Tax Appeals (BOPTA)
  • Recordings
  • Records Research
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