County Clerk - Property Appeal Forms

Property owners have been able to appeal the value of the property on which their property tax is based since 1907, when the Oregon Legislature enacted laws that created boards to hear the appeals.
The make-up of the board has changed numerous times over the years but the basic concept is still the same.  The board is comprised of one member that represents the County Court and two members that represent the general public. The board member that represents County Court serves as Chairperson of the board.  When an individual accepts appointment to the board, that person becomes a public official. All hearings are conducted according to policies adopted by the Board.
The County Clerk serves as clerk of the board and handles all administrative duties of the board.
The board of property tax appeals has the authority to hear petitions for the reduction of the Real Market Value (RMV), Specially Assessed Value (SAV), Maximum Assessed Value (MAV), Assessed Value (AV), any value for destroyed or damaged property changed by the assessor for July 1, value added to the roll prior to December 1, and  MAV reduction for buildings that have been demolished or removed when the taxpayer has filed an application with the assessor to reduce MAV for the year when RMV was reduced.
Fillable Appeal forms are currently on the DOR’s webpage

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