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Crook County Weed Control

Photo Credit: Gary Halvorson, Oregon State Archives

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DalamatianToadflax.jpgCrook County is committed to the control of the spread of noxious weeds (also called invasive weeds), which are plant species not native to the area and which have detrimental effects on native flora and fauna as well as domestic and agricultural pursuits. The Oregon Department of Agriculture has designated 99 plant species as noxious weeds by Oregon law and as few as 23 of these species cost Oregon taxpayers in excess as $90,000,000.00 annually. Of the 99species listed by the O.D.A. 35 of those weeds exist in Crook County. In addition, noxious weeds adversely impact wildlife habitat and recreational areas and can pose a significant fire hazard.

LeafySpurge.jpgWhile Crook County does spray and utilize other methods to control and contain unwanted vegetation on public property and rights of way, it is the legal responsibility of the property owner to ensure that noxious weeds are controlled on their lands. The Crook County weed master can be of great assistance in helping property owners develop the most efficient and cost effective plans for controlling noxious weeds and in helping property owners with the identification of noxious weeds.

The primary source of Crook County Weed Control funding is revenues generated from services performed for federal, county, and municipal agencies.

 Crooked River Weed Management Area (CRWMA) - OSU Extension Service


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