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Community Development Code Enforcement Division

Crook County - Code enforcement

Crook County Code Enforcement receives, investigates and enforces violations of Land use Law, Building Code, Environmental Law, Contractor Law and many other types of violations, except for Criminal Law.

Can you see dismantled vehicles, car parts, rubbish and garbage from your property or a public street? ... more

Do you need a permit for the work you or your contractor is performing? (Ex. Electrical, Plumbing, Building or Mechanical Work?) ... more

Is the roof caving in, are you falling through the floor, are there exposed, bare electrical wiring hanging out of the walls or is there unsafe or insanitary living conditions in the home? ... more

Is an RV permanently being lived in and/or dumping their sewage onto the ground? ... more

Is the contractor you are hiring to perform work on your property licensed and bonded to perform the work?
... more

Is there sewage flowing on top of the ground, under your house, the neighboring property or into the public way?
... more


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