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Crook County Domestic Violence

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The Crook County Domestic Violence Intervention Team (CCDVIT) is an OVW Rural Federal Grant funded team comprised of members from local agencies, and community members. CCDVIT goals include coordination between agencies to strengthen victim’s services, provide community education and awareness about domestic violence issues and resources, and find ways to hold offenders more accountable.

The team first banded in 1997 as the Family Violence Task Force, and evolved into the Crook County Domestic Violence Intervention Team (CCDVIT) in 2008

What we do ....

  • Dedicated Victim Advocates in the District Attorney’s office, and Saving Grace.
  • Helping victims move away from reliance on their abuser by providing funds for short-term shelter, transportation, safety and security through lock replacement, and food.
  • Training and education to CCDVIT members and the local community through luncheon presentations held every other month at the Prineville Police Department.
  • Providing a part-time corrections officer to supervise misdemeanor offenders
    Support for batterer’s intervention programming
  • Increased ability to prosecute offenders by providing for a dedicated investigator.
  • Community awareness, education, and resources included in organized campaigns:

    October’s Domestic Violence Awareness Month
    January’s Stalking Awareness Month
    February’s Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
    April’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month


November 20th is the next CCDVIT Luncheon!

Links & Resources:

24-Hour Hotline 541-389-7021   -  toll free 866-504-8992 

Saving Grace

Lutheran Community Services

District Attorney Victims Services


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