County Court - Current Court Agenda


9:00 A.M.

Court packet


(Consent agenda items are routine matters—typically minutes, appropriations orders, contracts, agreements, documents to complete previously discussed business and decisions made by other bodies requiring Court ratification which are not expected to generate discussion. Any member of the Court may request removal of an item for separate discussion or vote. All remaining items are typically approved as a package in a single motion.)

Approve Order 2017-15, In the matter of designating Daina Vitolins, Raun Atkinson, Kyle Pearson, and Laura Franzen as Special Assistant County Counsels
Approve Order 2017-16, In the matter of an appointment of Runinda McCormack to the Bowman Museum Advisory Committee 
Approve Order 2017-17, Bid documents between Deschutes County and High Desert Aggregate and Paving for supplying to Crook County at three different locations
Approve printer/copier lease with Pacific Office Automation
Approve Minutes of Feb 8. 2017 special county court meeting
Approve  PT Health Officer Contract/ Crook County with Dr. Natalie Good
Approve IGA with High Desert Educational Service District (HDESD) to retain services of Jerry Milstead to perform a full building assessment / Annex
Approve IGA with High Desert Educational Service District for Jerry Milstead  to serve as Crook County’s representative (Owner Representation) for Jail Project
Approve 2017-2019 Juvenile Crime Prevention Plan and sign letter of approval
Approve Brasada Ranch Phase 5, Improvement Agreement
Approve 12th Amendment to IGA 147786 for Financing of Community Addictions and Mental Health Services
Approve Agreement to Terminate Contract-AccTech Solutions Inc.
Approve Century West  On-Call Engineering Services, 3rd Amendment, Extension for one more year.


(All scheduled times are approximate. Matters may be taken up earlier or later, depending on the progress of the meeting.)

9:00 a.m.   Presentation, Polly Rogers, 2016 Audit update

9:25 a.m.   Update on 401K plan, Nick Kralj


Consider request for Alfalfa Road improvement agreement extension by Brasada Ranch

Consider Order 2017-12, amending Employee Handbook regrading process and wellness committee Programs

Consider approval of Order 2017-13, supporting legislative delegations efforts to pass a Transportation Package.

Approve Cooperative Improvement Agreement No 31050, Tom McCall Road 

Consider proposals for Parrish Lane bridge design/engineering services

Discussion: Oregon Community Dispute resolution program grant participation

Proposed  Addendum #4 for Thompson Court property offer.  Mike Warren to bring new Addendum #4.  

Approve transfer of title of 15 passenger van

Authorize DLR Group to proceed from schematic design to design development

Authorize contract with Hawes Technologies as lowest responsive quote for IT Audit

ADDITION: Discuss Manufactured Structure Registration IGA with Building Codes Division


ORS 192.660(2)(e). for the purpose of conducting deliberations with persons designated by the governing body to negotiate real property transactions

Additional items may be discussed that arise too late to be included as part of this notice.  For information about adding agenda items, please contact the County Administration office at 447-6555.  Assistance to handicapped individuals is provided with advance notice.

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