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9:00 A.M.

Court packet


(Consent agenda items are routine matters—typically minutes, appropriations orders, contracts, agreements, documents to complete previously discussed business and decisions made by other bodies requiring Court ratification which are not expected to generate discussion. Any member of the Court may request removal of an item for separate discussion or vote. All remaining items are typically approved as a package in a single motion.)

Approve Minutes of March 15, 2017; March 23, 2017

Approve Order 2017-39, appropriation transfer, grant funds, health department

Approve IGA # 153120, biennial behavioral health funding agreement. (Mental Health # 31).

Approve Janitorial services contracts with Advantage Cleaning, JG’S Professional Cleaning, Just Right Cleaning, Lesa Adams, Dustbusters. (Maintenance # 26b).

Approve Vehicle use agreement with OSU for mobile computer classroom. (Extension # 45).

Approve Sale agreement with School District, laptops and related equipment.  (Ct. Leases # 26).

Approve Grant management agreement with COIC. (Ct. Contracts # 226e).

Approve request of WEBCO for Employee bonus wages

Approve IGA between Crook County and High Desert Education Service District (#WEBCO 32)

Approve Scenic Bikeway Support Letter, Oregon Parks and Recreation Department 

Approve Protocall services assignment to Deschutes County.  (Webco # 17).

Approve APHIS funding agreement, 2017-18.  (Ct. Contracts # 157a).  

Approve ODOT strategic technology resource use agreement.

Approve HRA VEBA participation agreement with Enlightened.

Approve Wildland fuels removal services task order.  (Ct. Contracts # 206c).

Approve purchase of audio and video equipment for Broughton Room, County Library

Approve Mosaic Medical—Amendment 2 to Contract for Personal Svcs.

Approve OHSU Knight Cancer Institute Institute/Award agreement/ Health Department to administer pilot program for tobacco cessation services to reduce local cancer rates

Approve final Plat—Brasada Ranch Phase II

Approve Funding IGA # 154365, Oregon ONE program

Approve IGA re: Funding of Juvenile Dependency Program (DA 11(a))

Approve IGA re: Oregon Youth Authority for Juvenile Crime Prevention Basic Services

Approve Contract with Jacobson Betts for employee compensation study (Ct. Contracts # 232a).

Approve in-kind agreement, City/County/ Jail Project


(All scheduled times are approximate. Matters may be taken up earlier or later, depending on the progress of the meeting.)

9:00 a.m.

Honoring long time volunteer 

Adoption of Order 2017-42, Approved Crook County Budget

Adoption of Order 2017-43, Approved Historical Society Budget

Adoption of Order 2017-40 Approved Extension District Budget

Prineville Insurance Presentation, Elaina Huffman and Monica Elsom

Public Hearing: application for permit to conduct an Outdoor Social Gathering, Sage Way Solar Eclipse & RV camping, NE Sage Way, Prineville

Public Hearing: application for permit to conduct an Outdoor Social Gathering, Iron Feather Ranch Eclipse Site, Hwy 126, Powell Butte

Public hearing and opportunity to comment: Order 2016-55 Amendment # 5, County Fee Schedule.

Crook County Natural Resources PAC presentation of the Natural Resources Plan


Consider offer to purchase County-owned property, Mike Warren II

Discussion on  County office closures during August eclipse

Approve Order 2017-38, Authorizing the sale of full faith and credit obligations in an amount  not to exceed Four Million dollars to finance capital costs related to public safety facilities (the Jail Project)


ORS 192.660(2)(d) To conduct deliberations with persons designated by the governing body to carry on labor negotions.

ORS 192.660(2)€ To conduct deliberations with persons designated by the governing body to negotiate real property transactions.

Additional items may be discussed that arise too late to be included as part of this notice.  For information about adding agenda items, please contact the County Administration office at 447-6555.  Assistance to handicapped individuals is provided with advance notice.

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